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Some Essential Caravan Terminology

MiRO (Mass In Running Order)
This is the caravan’s weight with all factory fitted equipment, when it leaves the factory. MiRO replaces the old terms ‘ex works weight’ and ‘unladen weight’.
MTPLM (Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass)
The maximum weight that the caravan chassis can take, as stated by the manufacturer of the chassis. It replaces Gross Vehicle Weight.
The weight of items you could load into your caravan. It is derived by subtracting the caravan’s MiRO from its MTPLM.
This is the weight applied to the towball by a caravan. It is important that the maximum noseweight is not exceeded. Both the car and tha caravan have maximum noseweight limits. The lower of the two is the legal maximum.
GTW (Gross Train Weight)
The maximum combined weight of a car and trailer combination.
Towing Limit
The maximum weight of a trailer that a car may legally tow. It is often higher than the kerbweight.
As defined by EU Directive 95/48/EC. The vehicle’s weight with its fuel tank 90% full, all necessary fluids, driver and luggage of 75KG.
About the Author: Nick Young
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Nick Young received the “Mobile Workshop of the Year” award for Total Caravan Care,
Received for the highest customer satisfaction rating. I have been an enthusiastic caravan owner for 20 years and I left the Royal Navy 5 years ago after completing 28 years in the Service to pursue my successful career in the caravan and motorhome service and repair industry.
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